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St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School ‘Serve the Lord with Joy’


Every Child

All of our children can be successful, regardless of birth or background. We are aspirational for all. We focus on ensuring every child leaves our school literate and numerate. We believe that knowledge about the world is central to our pupils’ success.


No Excuses

Every excuse is a step on the road to failure. We do not accept excuses and we do not make any either.


High Expectations

All children, staff, school and community will live up to the exceptionally high expectations placed upon them. We all want our school to be the very best.


Exemplary Behaviour

Our school is a respectful and orderly environment, where teachers focus on teaching and pupils focus on learning. Outstanding behaviour is taught, reinforced and recognised through our Five Golden Rules and poor behaviour is not tolerated. We wear our new school uniform with pride. Our mantra is: work hard, be kind.


Excellent Teaching

The most important thing that happens in our school happens in our classrooms. A teacher is the most important factor affecting pupil achievement. We work with our teaching staff to ensure excellent teaching and support them with training and development. To ensure no child is left behind, we monitor pupils’ progress regularly and quickly identify when children need extra support.


No Islands

When we work together, anything is possible. Children do best when teachers and families work together: we involve families in all aspects of school life and encourage participation and collaboration. We keep parents well informed of pupils’ academic progress and work together to understand any challenges children may face at home or at school. Together, we aspire a climate of scholastic excellence.


Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
Come to the edge!
And they came,
And we pushed,
And they flew. 


Christopher Logue